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How to Apply Shiplap Wallpaper

How To Apply Shiplap Wallpaper

Calling all Joanna Gaines wanna be’s… are you dying for the look of shiplap, but not ready to commit to the real thing?  Do you currently live in a rental where you can make any changes to your living space?  Or maybe you don’t have access to an arsenal of power tools at your disposal. For me, I’m the queen of indecisiveness so it’s hard for me to make a big time commitment to any design trend.  The thought of destroying a whole wall of drywall for something I might not like in the future makes me a little leary.

My IG buddy Amanda @houseoncanal has this AMAZING shiplap wall in her home.  When I asked her about it, she told me it wasn’t even real, and I couldn’t believe it!  It was peel and stick wallpaper! After that, I was sold.  I knew this DIY project wouldn’t be easy, but it would be well worth it to get the “Fixer Upper” look.  Here’s how to apply shiplap wallpaper…

Devine Color Shiplap Wallpaper


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DIY Fake Snowballs

Happy New Year y’all!  Feels so good to be back… I took a mini-break during the holiday season, and I’m so excited to kickoff the new year with a fun DIY project.  As we say goodbye to Christmas decor, it’s now the perfect time to transition to some winter decor.  I don’t know about you… but my house was feeling pretty darn bare after taking down all of the Christmas goodness.  So if you’re looking for ways to add a wintery feel to your home, some DIY fake snowballs can totally do the trick.  These DIY fake snowballs make a great vase filler, you can even add them to any farmhouse tray, wire basket or even a dough bowl.  Throw in some faux evergreen sprays for that extra snow season kick.

Fake Snowball Materials


  • Styrofoam balls, various sizes (after testing both the textured and smooth, I found textured to look more realistic)
  • Fake snow flakes
  • White craft paint
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • White/Clear glitter
  • Foam paint brush
  • Toothpicks
  • Empty box


  1.    First, to get started, you’ll want to stick your toothpick through the styrofoam ball to give you a place to hold onto it.  Using the white craft paint, generously paint each ball white.

2.  Once you get a ball painted, then go ahead and stick the toothpick through the bottom of an empty box to create a place to hold all the drying snowballs.

3.  After letting them dry for a few hours, you’re ready for the sparkle! Apply a generous layer of Mod Podge and roll the snowball around in a mixture of fake snowflakes and glitter.  I also heard that adding epsom salt to the mix is a good way to give an item a realistic icey look.


Fake Snowballs DIY

4.  Then just stick the toothpicks within the balls back in the empty box.  Let them dry overnight, and that’s it!  Now you can style them within your home however you’d like!

Such a simple DIY to create your own winter decor!  Will you be decorating your home for winter this year?  How about Valentine’s Day?




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The Best Green Monday Deals

Farmhouse Rugs On A Budget

Watch out Cyber Monday… there’s a new online shopping holiday in town, and it’s coming for ya!  Have y’all heard of Green Monday AKA Cyber Monday 2 AKA Manic Monday?  Well, now you have!  The Big Box Retailers have hit historically high sales marks on this day each year.  That means, it’s also a special day for us shoppers!

If you’re like me and a total procrastinator when it comes to your Christmas shopping, have no fear.  There are some seriously killer deals going on today, and today only.  So hurry and snag some steals while you still can!

TARGET – Save $20 for every $100 you spend for gifts for just about everyone. 

When I’m coming down to the wire for holiday shopping, Target is always a go-to for me.   You can always find something for just about anyone on your list.  I’ve picked out a few of my favorite budget-friendly home decor gift items below, because who doesn’t love home decor?

MACY’S – Take an extra 30% off using promo code: FRIEND and free shipping over $25

Another one of my fav shopping destinations, because you can shop for everyone from your mom to your great uncle.   They’re even offering this discount on Designer Brands that rarely go on sale so shop soon!  To inspire your spirit of giving, I’m sharing a few of my favorites for your home below.

WALMART – Various deals on electronics, kitchen appliances and toys

Wal-mart is featuring a little bit of everything on sale for today only!  The perfect gift for anyone is this single serving Keurig at a great price point.  It might not be glamorous, but who couldn’t use a new cordless Dyson vacuum?  If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a KitchenAid mixer, now is your chance.

OVERSTOCK.COM – Today ONLY! Up to 70% off

If you’ve been eyeing a new mattress, you can get up to 60% off today.  A really good deal! Don’t forget about (wo)man’s best friend who also needs a comfy place to sleep.  These dog beds come in a variety of colors to match your home decor.

A Few Other Deals Include…

J.C. PENNEY – Online only, up to 60% off, various deals

EBAY – Various deals

SAKS OFF 5th – Save up to 80% off, and get free shipping using promo code: SHIP4FREE

Where else have you spotted any Green Monday deals?  I’d love to hear from you!



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11 Life-Changing Products for Your Home

Looking to get your home more organized?  How about cleaner?  Maybe even smell better?  There’s something out there for that!

Do you ever purchase something new and think… “Where has this been all life?”  Sometimes it can be something so simple, but it makes all the difference in your home.  I’ve rounded up all of my favorites items that I’ve purchased over the last few years that have made an impact in The Holtz House.

Here are 11 life-changing products for your home…

1. Angry Mama – Microwave Oven Cleaner

Do you hate scrubbing the gunk inside the microwave as much as I do?  Angry Mama is just what you need.  Fill her up with vinegar and water, and throw her in the microwave for a few minutes.  The steam pours out of her head, and suddenly it’s so much easier to clean off the food splatter.

2.  DampRid Hanging Bag

Does your master closet connect directly to your master bathroom like mine?  Even when I turn the fan in, it always seems so muggy and damp in our master closet after we get done taking a shower.  I hate it!  When I discovered DampRid, it was a total game changer for me.  No more musty smell in the closet, and you can actually see the product working.  The bag slowly fills with water, pulling it from the air.  This product is the real deal.   I even purchased the large bucket for our basement as well.

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6 Ways to Style Spindles

How To Style Spindles

A few weeks ago, I ran into my friend, Kari, at the Main Street Market hosted by Urban Farmgirl in Rockford.  She had purchased a beautiful set of white, chippy spindles from Trove Vintage.    We were chatting about all the fun ways she would be able to style them within her home.  Then LIGHT BULB… it hit me!  What a perfect idea for a blog post.  In the hopes of providing some decor inspiration for your home, here are six ways to style spindles.

Spindles In Dough Bowl

1.  Place within a dough bowl or old toolbox.

If you’re looking for something to fill up a decorative bowl of any kind, you can add in your chippy paint spindles.  You can keep it plain and simple or incorporate other filler as well.

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DIY Project: How To Build Pipe Shelves

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Have you been on a desperate search to find the perfect industrial shelving unit to fit your space?  I’ve got you… search no longer!  With this quick and easy tutorial, you can build the perfect DIY pipe shelves.

It takes a little time, patience, some elbow grease and the supplies below…


  •  Power drill
  •  Stud finder
  •  Two (per shelf) 3/4 in. diameter black iron floor flange fitting
  •  Two (per shelf) 3/4 in. diameter black iron cap fitting
  •  Two (per shelf)  3/4 in. 10 in. black pipe nipple
  •  Wooden Plank (one per shelf)
  •  Level
  • #6 Drywall Screws, 2 in. in black
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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5 Ways to Style a Tobacco Basket

How To Decorate Tobacco Baskets

Lately I’ve been seeing tobacco baskets popping up all over the place.  They can be a great way to incorporate farmhouse flair into your home.  Even if the farmhouse trend isn’t your thing, it can serve as a way to incorporate natural wood elements into your interior design.

If you’re looking to purchase the real thing from an antique store, it’s going to set you back a couple hundred dollars.  Maybe you can snag one at a barn sale or a flea market for less.  But lucky for those of us on a budget, you can find replica tobacco baskets from Hobby Lobby, Amazon and Decor Steals from time to time.

Once you get your hands on one… how do you decorate with a tobacco basket?  Here are 5 simple ways you can style a tobacco basket within your home.

  1.  Hang on a wall. 

I’d say this is the most popular way I’ve seen tobacco baskets used.  You can hang on a wall just the basket itself to keep it simple.  Or you can attach some faux florals or include multiple baskets to display as a form of wall art.

2.  Use as a tray. 

Looking for the perfect focal piece for your coffee table?  Why not use a tobacco basket as a tray to hold a few decorative items like books, candles and flowers.  You can even make it more practical by adding in your TV remote or pretty coasters.

Style Tobacco Basket

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DIY Project: How to Chalk Paint a Mirror

About a month ago, my bestie, Morgan, moved into an apartment in Chicago.  She wanted her new space to feel cozy and comfortable without having to spend a lot of money.  She’s currently in grad school so keeping it cheap was a must!  She expressed the need for a get-ready station in her bedroom since she shares one small bathroom with her roommate.  We looked all over for a simple vanity that would fit the space.  The ones we found were either too expensive or just not quite right.  So instead, we decided to refinish some old furniture pieces that she already had using chalk paint.

We spruced up the small table by using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite with Annie Sloan Soft Wax in Clear over the top.  For the technique we used, just check out this past blog post… Transforming a Garage Sale Find with Chalk Paint.

For the mirror, here’s what we did…




  1.  Start off with an old mirror you’re looking to transform.  We used this old gaudy gold mirror pictured below or a wooden frame could work as well.


2.  Brush the edges of the mirror off with a dust rag to insure you’re starting with a clean surface.

3.  Use the painter’s tape to create a rectangle around the outer edge where the mirror meets the frame.  Be sure to take your time and get as close to the edge of the frame as possible.  This will insure a clean edge between the painted frame and the mirrored surface.  You will be taping right on the mirror’s surface.

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DIY Project: How to Build a Barnwood Headboard

I absolutely love long weekends.  I just feel like you can be so much more productive while still leaving time for some fun and relaxation.  This 4th of July weekend was no exception.  Between concerts and pool parties, I still had the opportunity to take a trip to the Kane County Flea Market.

I brought along my bestie who was a flea market virgin.  It’s safe to say she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we’ll definitely be heading back again soon.  While at the flea market, we picked up some reclaimed barnwood from a local vendor for a big time DIY project.  Her and I have been talking about taking on building a headboard for some time now.  Originally we thought we wanted to use pallet wood, but when we saw the beautiful, gray-weathered barnwood, we knew that it would be just perfect.

Now, I must say, the thought of creating a headboard can be fairly intimidating just based on the sheer size of the project alone.  But honestly, the form and design is fairly straightforward so this can be a very simple DIY as long as you have access to all the tools you need.  So if you’re looking to give your bedroom a rustic refresh, this is for you!


  • Salvaged barn wood
  • 160 grit sand paper discs
  • Wood Screws (we used 1.5 in., but this will depend on the thickness of your wood)
  • (2) 1 in. x 6 in. x 6 ft. Common Board
  • Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish – clear satin
  • (4) 2″ bolts with 5/8 hex nut (optional)


  • Power drill
  • Orbital sander
  • Circular saw
  • Protective eyewear and mask


  1.  First, you’ll want to determine the desired width of your headboard.  I’ve listed the standard widths for each bed size here:

Twin  39 inches

Twin XL 39 inches

Full  54 inches

Full XL 54 inches

Queen 60 inches

King 76 inches

California King 72 inches

For my queen headboard, I decided to go with 62 inches wide leaving just an inch on each side.  Luckily for me, the barnwood I got measured perfectly.  If it’s too long, you’ll need to measure, mark and saw to your desired size.

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Tips for Pretty Shelf Styling


723F989F-E25B-43AB-8A3B-FA17A8BF3492A few weeks back I posted a shelfie (yes, that’s a thing… shelf+selfie) which got quite a bit of action on Instagram. So it got me thinking that this might be a great topic for a blog post… pretty shelf styling.

Now, I am not a professional designer and by no means do I follow a firm set of rules. What I think is most important about styling your home is picking out what you love and what speaks to you.

Here’s just a few tips that I have found helpful when setting up your shelving.

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