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6 Ways to Transition Your Summer Home with Fall Decor

Transition Summer Fall Home Decor

I can feel a slight chill in the air, and it makes me so pumped because I know fall is just around the corner.  Apple pickin’, pumpkin patches, PSLs and football tailgates… fall is just the best season out there!  On top of all that, fall decor is just the best.  Every year it seems like it gets earlier and earlier when we see the upcoming seasonal decor hitting the shelves.  I know there are some haters out there… but I LOVE it.  It gets me so excited!

I know it’s early… and maybe some of you don’t have fall on the brain quite yet, but it will be here before we know it.  So I just wanted to throw a few ideas out there to get you thinking about how to transition your summer-styled home with fall decor…

Fall Decor Shelves Copper


1.  Change out a pop of color for a pop of copper.

Instead of making a statement with a bright, summery color, why not incorporate copper into your home decor?  The orangey color can be the perfect addition with all your autumn accents.  The copper can incorporate well with fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor so it could be worth investing in a few new items.  Target has an awesome selection of copper items including a number of kitchen utensils. 

Fireplace Fall Decor

2. Leave out the lemons… add in pumpkins and apples.

Lemon decor has been SUPER popular this Summer!  I’ve seen them used in a number of different ways from vase filler to centerpieces to brightly colored wreaths.  Even lemon dish towels and lemon-scented hand soaps.  Anything you can do with lemons, just make a swap for apple or pumpkins.  If you’re looking to go more non-traditional, I’ve got a feeling light blue pumpkins are going to be very popular this season. I found some beautiful ones here at Pier 1 Imports along with some other lovely fall decor.

Fall Football Pallet Sign

3.  Swap out for seasonal signs.

Switch out your farmhouse signage and opt for seasonal sayings instead.  There’s an abundance of cute fall signs available on Etsy from makers all over the country.  If you’re not looking to spend, you could always create your own version with chalkboard art.

Front Porch Fall Mums

4.  Trade bright blooms for fall mums.

Give your front porch some love when fall starts to blow in.  Phase out your potted impatiens and incorporate some hearty chrysanthemums as the weather starts cooling down.  This way you can keep your landscaping just as beautiful this autumn.  Hopefully these two will be in full bloom in no time.  I’ll probably purchase a few pumpkins and gourds to add in as well once they’re ready.

Fall Decor Cotton Stems Wheat

5.  Incorporate wheat bundles, cotton stems and pussy willow branches into your styling.

Take down some of your greenery in your home, and instead opt for more neutral elements for fall.  I love using cotton stems, wheat bundles and pussy willow branches to add more brown/tan color into my home decor.  It also adds in additional texture creating more visual interest in centerpieces or mantle decorating.  My favorite place to shop for fall florals and stems is Hobby Lobby.  They have such great variety and pricing as well.

Fall Decor Blanket Basket

6.  Get real cozy with it!

The beauty about colder weather is that it’s actually acceptable to use pillows and blankets as home decor in addition to practical purposes.  Adding in a basket with pillows and blankets can make your home feel even more cozy.  On the plus side, when it gets a little more chilly, it makes it even more easy to light a few candles and snuggle up.

As you’re looking to incorporate fall decor into your home, how will you transition your summer style?  I know I’ll be on the hunt for all these items and more.  Also, you can’t forget about fall-scented candles as well.  Give me pumpkin-spiced anything. What’s your favorite part about fall?  What trends are you seeing?

I’d love to hear from you.










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    August 23, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Great post! I love everything about fall and if I had my own house it would be decorated all year round fall themed!

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