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5 Ways to Style a Tobacco Basket

How To Decorate Tobacco Baskets

Lately I’ve been seeing tobacco baskets popping up all over the place.  They can be a great way to incorporate farmhouse flair into your home.  Even if the farmhouse trend isn’t your thing, it can serve as a way to incorporate natural wood elements into your interior design.

If you’re looking to purchase the real thing from an antique store, it’s going to set you back a couple hundred dollars.  Maybe you can snag one at a barn sale or a flea market for less.  But lucky for those of us on a budget, you can find replica tobacco baskets from Hobby Lobby, Amazon and Decor Steals from time to time.

Once you get your hands on one… how do you decorate with a tobacco basket?  Here are 5 simple ways you can style a tobacco basket within your home.

  1.  Hang on a wall. 

I’d say this is the most popular way I’ve seen tobacco baskets used.  You can hang on a wall just the basket itself to keep it simple.  Or you can attach some faux florals or include multiple baskets to display as a form of wall art.

2.  Use as a tray. 

Looking for the perfect focal piece for your coffee table?  Why not use a tobacco basket as a tray to hold a few decorative items like books, candles and flowers.  You can even make it more practical by adding in your TV remote or pretty coasters.

Style Tobacco Basket

3.  Hang a wreath on it. 

Change it up a bit by flipping the basket on it’s side and hanging a wreath from the center.  You can do so by take a piece of wire, looping it through and twisting it in the back.  Then if you change up your mind later, you can always remove it.  Add it to a shelf or a fireplace mantel as a feature decor piece.

Decorate With Tobacco Baskets4.   Layer within a shelf. 

Tobacco baskets can be a great decor item to layer within a styled shelf.  They can add height and interesting texture to an otherwise boring space.  For tips on pretty shelf styling, be sure to check out this previous blog post.

Ways To Decorate Tobacco Baskets5.  Use as a centerpiece. 

I’m always switching up my centerpiece decor on my dining room table depending on the season.  My tobacco basket is such a versatile piece, and I often find myself reaching for it when re-styling this space.  Stack a cake tray on top or even add in a few Rae Dunn mugs with some lambs ear and cotton stems.  BAM!

Hobby Lobby Tobacco Basket

I love when you can use a piece of decor in so many different ways.  It definitely makes it a more worthwhile purchase in my book.  How do you style your tobacco basket?  Any ways that I missed?  I’d love to hear from ya!



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Ways To Decorate Tobacco Basket





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  • Reply
    July 26, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    All your photos and ideas are beautiful! I love the idea of using the tobacco basket as a focal point for the coffee table or centerpiece on dining table, it really draws the eye to take a better look at what is in the basket instead of having decor scattered about.

  • Reply
    July 26, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas! I love tobacco baskets. I’ve wanted one for a while, but I’m trying to hold out for a good find on an authentic one. Keeping my fingers crossed. 😊

  • Reply
    Brewing Up Style (@brewingupstyle)
    July 27, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    I love these ideas! I’m all about rustic decor.

  • Reply
    July 27, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    oh this is adorable! loved all the ideas!

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