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11 Life-Changing Products for Your Home

Looking to get your home more organized?  How about cleaner?  Maybe even smell better?  There’s something out there for that!

Do you ever purchase something new and think… “Where has this been all life?”  Sometimes it can be something so simple, but it makes all the difference in your home.  I’ve rounded up all of my favorites items that I’ve purchased over the last few years that have made an impact in The Holtz House.

Here are 11 life-changing products for your home…

1. Angry Mama – Microwave Oven Cleaner

Do you hate scrubbing the gunk inside the microwave as much as I do?  Angry Mama is just what you need.  Fill her up with vinegar and water, and throw her in the microwave for a few minutes.  The steam pours out of her head, and suddenly it’s so much easier to clean off the food splatter.

2.  DampRid Hanging Bag

Does your master closet connect directly to your master bathroom like mine?  Even when I turn the fan in, it always seems so muggy and damp in our master closet after we get done taking a shower.  I hate it!  When I discovered DampRid, it was a total game changer for me.  No more musty smell in the closet, and you can actually see the product working.  The bag slowly fills with water, pulling it from the air.  This product is the real deal.   I even purchased the large bucket for our basement as well.

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