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6 Ways to Style Spindles

How To Style Spindles

A few weeks ago, I ran into my friend, Kari, at the Main Street Market hosted by Urban Farmgirl in Rockford.  She had purchased a beautiful set of white, chippy spindles from Trove Vintage.    We were chatting about all the fun ways she would be able to style them within her home.  Then LIGHT BULB… it hit me!  What a perfect idea for a blog post.  In the hopes of providing some decor inspiration for your home, here are six ways to style spindles.

Spindles In Dough Bowl

1.  Place within a dough bowl or old toolbox.

If you’re looking for something to fill up a decorative bowl of any kind, you can add in your chippy paint spindles.  You can keep it plain and simple or incorporate other filler as well.

Photo courtesy of www.instagram.com/urban.farm.girl

2.  Hang within a gallery wall.

Switch up the shape and style of your gallery wall by adding in two parallel spindles.  I just love how these draw your eyes up to the signage above the coffee bar.

Spindles On A Mantle

3.  On a shelf or fireplace mantle.

I’m always making changes to the decor on my fireplace mantle.  One of the items, I’m always reaching for are my spindles.  Sometimes I’ll just use one and lean it, or if I choose to use two I’ll stack them.  It really just adds an additional element to my decor.

Photo courtesy of www.instagram.com/chels.tre

4.  In a basket.

How gorgeous is this?  Yet, so simple.  Toss them in a wicker basket, and you’re done.  I’m loving this look from @chels.tre on Instagram.  She’s one of my favorite accounts to follow.

Photo courtesy of www.instagram.com/86th_Lane

5.  Layer them up with other decor.

I’m a firm believer in “less is less” and “more is more”.  Not vice versa.  So when it comes to loading it up on decor and creating a cluttered look, I’m all in.  You can use spindles to create a layering effect with other decor items creating more visual interest.  The above look is styled to perfection from @86th_Lane on Instagram.  I’ve even seen spindles layered in front of photo frames and signs on shelves.

How To Decorate With Spindles

6.  In a tray or tobacco basket.

Depending on the size of your spindles, you can incorporate them into a farmhouse tray with some greenery and a yummy candle.  You could also throw in a some seasonal items depending on the time of year or wooden bead garland to add some additional texture.  Really whatever goes when it comes to decorating your tray!

If you’re looking to purchase your own set of spindles, flea markets and antique stores are a great place to start.  Otherwise, I’ve seen new spindles painted to look old as well.  You can find a great selection here on Etsy.   Spindles come in all shapes, sizes and conditions, so just find what speaks to you personally.  What ways are you styling spindles in your own home?



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How To Style Spindles







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    October 4, 2017 at 2:26 am

    I love these ideas so much that I just couldn’t stopping pinning the images Lauren. I don’t actually have any spindles in my decor bucket, just the spindles in our staircase but it seems I will have to be on the lookout for some the next time I am shopping.

    • Reply
      The Holtz House
      October 6, 2017 at 3:00 pm

      Yes-they’re so fun to decorate with! I just love mine! I have two sets actually. 🙂

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